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Monday, Chof Bais Shvat Visit to the Ohel

Friday, January 17, 2020 - 10:19 am
Posted by The Kinus Office


One of the most anticipated events of the Kinus is the visit to the Ohel and the reading of the the Pan Kloli on behalf of the family of Shluchim.

In response to a Hisorerus from Shluchos around the world our Chof Bais Shvat Program/Hachana L'Ohel will take place at the Ohel. A one hour Hachana is being carefully planned for the family of shluchos to visit the Ohel and our Rebbetzin.

An additional tent and chairs will be rented to ensure that everyone can be comfortable. Select clips of Sichos and nigunim along with words of hisorerus presented on high quality audio and visual will set the tone for an uplifting program.

All Ohel buses will depart together at 8:00am from the corner of President Street and Kingston Avenue. The buses will not be staggered as in the past in order to accommodate that the program begins at 9:30am.

At the conclusion of the program which will be about one hour the Pan Kloli will be read and broadcasted in the tent. All Shluchos will then 'walk around' the Ohel in the same manner dollars were received. You can plan a longer visit on another day, or stay later to read your pan.

It is recommended that you change to non-leather shoes before you leave the tent. Preferred seating will be prepared for mothers with little ones, elderly, or disabled to then enter the Ohel first.

May we be Zoche to have all our communal and personal requests fulfilled in a revealed manner and celebrate this Kinus reunited



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