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Kinus Theme

Friday, November 1, 2019 - 9:11 am
Posted by The Kinus Office



The task of transforming the world into a dirah for G-d may seem unrealistic.Can a few thousand dedicated shluchim really touch several billion souls? Obviously, we are not meant to do it alone. The project of reshaping the world can only be accomplished if every Jew takes part.

The Rebbe elaborated on this theme in two sichos during the 5750 Kinus HaShluchim (ש"פ חיי שרה; שיחת יום א' פ' תולדות): The role of the shliach is to reveal the “inner shliach” of every person in their communities and to activate them in the mission of creating a dirah bitachtonim. Each ambassador will then ignite the soul of his or her friend, who will in turn inspire their sphere of influence, until every Jew wherever they may be found, burns with the desire to create a Divine reality in this world.

The focus of this year’s Kinus then, is to take the Rebbe’s exhortation to heart, and to return to our communities with a single-minded focus to empower those close to us to become shluchim in their own right. Throughout the Kinus weekend we will explore new, innovative ways to recruit and inspire every Jew we know to take on greater responsibility in our shared work of לתקן עולם במלכות ש'ד'י' עם הרבי בראשנו.

This year also marks שנת השבעים of the נשיאות of the Rebbe. Will will use the opportunity to rededicate ourselves and our work, to reconnect and reenergize ourselves through the duration of the Kinus and the entire year.

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