Advertising Opportunities

The Kinus offers an unparalleled opportunity to build relationships with more than 4,000 of the world most vibrant and active Jewish leaders, who on a daily basis, touch the lives of Millions of Jews in every continent on earth. Conference participants come from all 50 states and from 78 countries, and they will be looking for products and services that will help them better fulfill their mission and provide life changing experiences for their communities.

Resource Fair

One session of the convention is dedicated to the Resource Fair. The Fair invites vendors to introduce educational and technological products or services that could be beneficial to Shluchim in their varied activites. The fair will take place starting on Sunday, February 16, 2020, at Oholei Menachem.

Click here for more information, and to register.

Program Guide

New Opportunity This Year: At the start of the Kinus a program guide will be distributed to each Shlucha with the weekend schedule and important information that they will need during their stay. For the first time, advertising opportunities are available in the guide. The guide serves as our guests' map for the course of the Kinus, and guarantees great and unprecedented exposure for your product or service.

Space available includes:

Ad Type Price Dimensions
Full Page $1000 4.5’’ w  x 9’’ h
Half Page $500 4.5’’w  x 4.5’’h
Quarter Page $250 4.5’’ w  x 2.25’’ h

Special price may be available for ads with Resource Fair booth reservations. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Print Ads

NEW! In today's technology-centered world, people always need to be connected to the grid. But battery life can't always keep up. Enter mobile "Power Packs," a small battery charging device with which Shluchos can charge their phones on the go. A system will be set up for Shluchos to borrow the Power Packs during the Kinus. Guests can take their phones with them while the participate in workshops instead of standing near the charging station. With this system we can also maximize the number of phones we can charge at any given time.

If you would like to sponsor the Power Packs for this year's Kinus, we will place a sticker with your logo and contact information next to the Kinus Hashluchim information on every Pack for this year. This will surely provide maximum exposure, since users will be holding your "business card" in their hand for 2 hours while their phone charges up.

To receive a quote, please email [email protected]

Kinus Bags

The Kinus bag is distributed to every conference attendee upon arrival. It includes their conference program, some supplies for their stay, and a limited amount of advertisments. The Shluchos look forward to receiving their bags, and many take them home after the conference is over. Inserting a flyer, brochure or other "gimmick" is a great way to reach out to the Shluchos on their own time.

Please contact [email protected] with your company information and advertising preference for a quote.

And More

Other advertising opportunities are always available. Please contact us at [email protected] with your grand idea, or your budget, and we'll find the right match for you!