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Chaya Mechal Slodowitz

1614 S. Holt Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90035


[email protected]m 


With an energetic symbol of GEULAH IN HAND, TOFMIRIAM.BIZ authentic mini tambourine keychains remind us to live redeemed and BE REDEEMED from the daily uncertainties of life, negative beliefs, disempowered thinking... and to live ONE with the yearning and desire for the GEULAH amitis. We can wire our mind to change our inner state by anchoring to our vision many times a day, as we hold our keys/ keychain in hand.
Check out the website for our full beautiful luxury line of tambourine keychains and it will take you to Amazon to purchase.
Special Chof Beis Shvat Edition
כ״ב שבט תשפ"א ענוים ענוים הגיע זמן גאולתכם

30% discount with coupon code SHLUCHOS2021 through Feb 10, 2021

For bulk orders contact  [email protected]

New innovative art activity for bat mitzvah clubs, women’s circles as well as a great gift idea, a party favor and most of all as a personal GEULAH accessory!

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