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Rabbi Motti Flikshtein: Top Zoom Speaker in Chabad!

 Rabbi Motti Flikshtein


  [email protected]


From “Rapper to Rabbi: A Journey Back Home from High to Chai”

So far, he's spoken for 100+ Shluchim since June with a 100% Satisfaction Rate!

An Inspiring and Entertaining Zoom Evening with Rabbi Motti Flikshtein

The incredible first-hand story of Motti’s transformation from a secular, drug-dealing rapper to a Chabad Shliach in Delaware.

A Perfect Program for this Year!

He is in high demand, so reach out soon to secure your date!


Please email [email protected] or send a WhatsApp to for more information.



Just send the provided flyer and/or video to your community... Motti takes care of the rest!

Full Package Provided:

- Three beautiful customizable flyers to choose from
- Optional Personalized Video Trailer to help advertise
- Intro script provided
- Sample questions provided for the Q & A that follows the presentation
- Motti takes care of all technological logistics for the event
- Program is about one hour followed by engaging Q & A (includes his funny, inspiring story and his original rap/poetry)

So far, 90+ talks since June with a 100% Satisfaction Rate!



Adult Audiences:

"We just had Rabbi Motti Flikshtein speak to our community via Zoom about his story "from Rapper to Rabbi." His presentation was really interactive and interesting to listen to. People really enjoyed it and he made a great impact. We received great feedback. Highly recommend him!"
- Rabbi Avrohom Sternberg: Chabad of Eastern Connecticut (Community Zoom Event)

“We had Motti Flikshtein last night. He was extremely poised and expertly blended his talk with both humor and meaning as well as inspirational rap. After his talk, he remained on the Zoom ready to take questions and sing an extra rap. He was willing to go over time even though it was already midnight for him. He was inspiring and cool!”
- Rabbi Aryeh Lang: Chabad of Camarillo, CA (Community Zoom Event)

“Thank you! I loved your presentation, especially your heartfelt words about the Rebbe. You got the tears flowing by me and my wife and seeing the pics of your beautiful Mishpacha!”
- Rabbi Zvi Konikov: Chabad of Space and Treasure Coasts, FL (Community Zoom Event)

“Thank you for last night. The feedback was tremendous! Inspirational, warm, down-to-earth, upbeat and very engaging! These are but a few descriptions I and others share with you. I would recommend you to any Shliach and group that is looking for a wonderful Jewish experience.”
- Rabbi Ronnie Fine: Chabad Zichron Kedoshim, Montreal, Canada (Community Zoom Event)

“If you’re looking for an inspiring speaker and great entertainer that will uplift your community, Rabbi Motti Flikshtein just farbrenged for us and he was outstanding! Before I had the opportunity to encourage it, two people in our community took on a mitzvah on their own during the call - one to wash before eating bread, and the other to kosher her kitchen. Motti is a pleasure to work with and his rates are reasonable.”
- Rabbi Mendy Paltiel: Chabad of Laguna Niguel, CA (Community Zoom Event)

“We just had Motti Flikshtein for a Zoom event tonight. He rocked the Zoom room. People loved him. Entertaining, energetic, inspirational (and affordable). I would highly recommend having him.”
- Rabbi Choni Marozov: Chabad SCV, CA (Community Zoom Event)

“We had Motti Flikshtein tell his story to our community last night. It was very powerful and I got great feedback from people. He has a unique way of giving over ideas of Chassidus that would sometimes be hard to give over, but given over as part of his personal journey, people are a lot more receptive to hear it.”
- Rabbi Yale Spalter: Chabad of Northern Peninsula, CA (Community Zoom Event)

“If you're looking for an easy and successful Zoom program to do, having Motti Flikshtein for your community is a no brainer. He's funny, entertaining, he raps and he shares his story, which is quite interesting and very inspiring. I had him a few nights ago and he was superb and everyone enjoyed it immensely. Also very affordable and a real mensch.”
- Rabbi Motti Grossbaum: Village Chabad, Long Island, NY (Community Zoom Event)

“We hosted an uplifting Zoom Farbrengen for Gimmel Tammuz with Rabbi Motti Flikshtein. Rabbi Motti has a great story with a magical ending! Very reasonably priced. He would make a great evening for your community.”
- Rabbi Yossi Dalfin: Chabad of West Hollywood, CA (Community Zoom Event)

"Motti came across in a very real way dealing with very real challenges in life. His struggles, and how he overcame them, serve as a model for anybody interested in self-improvement. His humor provided the glue for his message to stick."
- Rabbi Tuvia Teldon: Head Shliach of Chabad of Long Island, NY (Adult Event)

"Motti came to Five Towns for a big community Shabbos dinner. His wife also came for Shabbos and they made themselves available throughout Shabbos. They were an absolute pleasure and inspiration to everybody they spoke to. They were able to relate to teens and adults of all ages. Having him was the best bang for the buck."
- Rabbi Zalman Wolowik: Chabad of Five Towns, NY (Community Shabbaton)

"Rabbi Motti came to S. Petersburg for a Shabbaton, and it was a tremendous hit! We drew a great crowd (more than just our “regulars”) and his presentation spoke to everyone. He was humorous, engaging and had us all rappin’ right along with him. I highly recommend Motti for any age crowd!"
- Rabbi Alter Korf: Chabad of St. Petersburg, FL (Community Shabbaton)

"Motti's program was fun, inspiring, fresh and different. Our crowd loved it! And Motti is a pleasure to deal with."
- Rabbi Mendy Teldon: Chabad of Mid-Suffolk, NY (Adult Event)

"Rabbi Flikshtein (a.k.a. The Rapping Rabbi) performed at the Chabad of Toronto dinner this past November. He is well spoken and connected with the assembled guests. The surprise element he brings to his presentation is sensational. We highly recommend Rabbi Flikshtein as a speaker/performer for any event."
- Mrs. Esther Grossbaum: Chabad of Southern Ontario, Canada (Gala Dinner)

Teen Audiences:

"Just had Rabbi Motti Flikshtein on our CTeen Zoom. It's a must for your chapter. His story, singing, how he relates to the teens. Incredible!"
- Rabbi Shloime Adler: Chabad of Fairfax, VA (CTeen Zoom Event)

"Thank you so, so much! You were the highlight of the event! My teens really enjoyed and gained so much! You have a very special way of connecting with the teens! Wishing you much Hatzlacha!"
- Mrs. Chana'le Deitsch: Chabad of Ridgefield, CT (CTeen Zoom Event)

"Shared his personal story and rapping that we all know with the teens and parents. He was incredible and everyone loved him. If you need good uplifting toichen for teens or community, please reach out to him!"
- Rabbi Yosef Orenstein: Valley Chabad, NJ (CTeen Zoom Gala)

“Just want to share that last night we had Motti Flikshtein do a Zoom for our CTeen. It was truly an incredible evening. He was able to keep the teens engaged through the full program. It was beyond just storytelling. It was full of lessons in Yiddishkeit and youth empowerment. The messages were meaningful for the parents that joined. It was a really powerful, enjoyable and inspiring evening.”
- Rabbi Gedalya Hertz: Chabad of North Fulton, GA (CTeen Zoom Event) 





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