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Unite The World

Yossi Schulman

 P.O. Box 1123

Wilkes Barre, PA 18703 PA


  [email protected]g


Unite The World is a global organization for advancing Sheva Mitzvos awareness and education to the entire world.

Our strategy involves collaboration with many Shluchim, organizations, project developers and local communities to expand awareness and develop quality resources for those whom we reach.

Our first project launched is Unite To Study, a platform for live study sessions for B'nai Noach in a variety of subjects and languages, and for creating and expanding local study groups.

You are invited to register for our free, groundbreaking course for Shluchim: "A Practical Guide to Sheva Mitzvos for Shluchim", and to receive guidance and support for being involved in your locale.

Register now at:

Unite To Study is developed in collaboration with


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