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Torah For Children

Yehuda Adelist


  [email protected]


Torah For Children publishes high quality Hebrew School curriculum materials using state of the art visuals, graphics, layout, research, and a focus on skills.

With Seder Kriah, teach Hebrew reading easily and in no time with 5-color coded stages using built-in guided instruction dispersed amongst fun-filled reading activity pages.

For the child ready to move to the next level, the Children's Chumash is a visual text skill based Chumash. Learn the first Perek of Bereishis about creation and be introduced to learning from a text-based Chumash.

The Visual Introduction to Torah Sheba'al Peh is a visual history and makeup of the Talmud and our Mesorah.

Torah For Children products help reach students in a way previously not possible with the learning being brought to life.

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