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Ask Noah International

Dr. Michoel Schulman

P.O. Box 1

Pittsburgh, PA 15230-0001


[email protected]


For over 20 years, Ask Noah International has been faithfully promoting education and awareness of the Sheva Mitzvos B'nai Noach worldwide, through our strong on-line presence (at and on Facebook), groundbreaking publications, outreach materials, and an expanding network of Shluchim and local Noahide communities.

We are dedicated to helping you spread the Sheva Mitzvos and their message of universal ethics, charity, and goodness and kindness in the light of the Rebbe's directives and teachings. With the guidance of our expert rabbinical oversight, we are available to you and all those who are referred to us for answering questions and providing advice in all areas of the Noahide Code and "front-line" issues, free of charge.

Our outreach materials and groundbreaking books are NOW ON SALE at

Don't miss these important resources, to name a few:

> The English edition of Rav Moshe Weiner's "shulchan aruch" for the Torah-based Noahide Code, titled "The Divine Code", is now available in the improved new Fourth Edition, with an Appendix on "The Pious Gentile and the Ger Toshav in Torah Law".

> Rav Weiner's "sefer mada" for Bnai Noach, titled "Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge", is indispensable for understanding how basic principles of Torah-based faith and Chassidic teachings apply for righteous Gentiles. The sections include Knowledge of G-d, Prophecy, Prayer, Repentance, Personal Traits, and more.

> Based on 11 years of the Rebbe's sichos and letters: "To Perfect the World: The Rebbe's Call to Teach the Noahide Code to all Mankind", published by Sichos In English.

> Outreach cards, brochures, booklets, flyers and videos in a number of languages.

We will miss seeing you again at the Ask Noah table in the Kinus Resource Fair, but we look forward to receiving your emails and phone calls with the updates about your accomplishments, challenges and new opportunities in Sheva Mitzvos outreach over the past year. And don't forget to check out our collaboration with the development of informational videos for Shluchim at


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