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The Kinus Hashluchos is an annual reunion of international magnitude, bringing Shluchos together to reconnect, recharge and refocus.


From the first Kinus in 1984 with roughly 65 attendees, to the current numbers of over 3000 Shluchos, this gathering is a unique representation of the widest spectrum, both spiritual and geographic, of the world wide Jewish community. In the presence of this body of dedicated Jewish public servants known as Shluchos, one can truly feel the heartbeat of Jewish life in communities around the globe. While this convention of shluchos represents disparate countries and languages, all are united in their singular devotion to perpetuate the Rebbe’s legacy toward Torah-true Jewish continuity.

Over a five-day period Shluchos choose from among sessions scheduled back-to-back, covering a wide range of interests. Among them, professional presentations on hi-tech solutions for maximizing Chabad House productivity, fundraising and development, working with the media, campus activities, day school development and adult education programming. No less valuable, the Shluchos savor a few days of camaraderie with like-minded company devoted to the same cause and grappling with similar challenges. It is an opportunity to spiritually rejuvenate for the coming year.


The Junior Shluchos Conference is a parallel program for the children of Shluchim, who are typically primed for Shlichus from their earliest childhood days. It is a chance for them to connect with their peers growing up in similar situations – role models to their classmates, and often living by a whole different set of values from the rest of the kids in the neighborhood. More than 450 children under the age of bat mitzvah, travel to New York with their mothers, and then join an exciting program designed specifically to meet their interests over the duration of the conference.

The Guest Program brings together over 1000 friends and supporters of Chabad for concurrent sessions over the weekend, followed by the gala banquet dinner which is the high point of the conference when all the Shluchos and their guests convene in one hall.

The Kinus Hashluchim is the men's version of this conference. It takes place in November.


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