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Featured Workshops

Friday, December 21, 2018 - 9:18 am
Posted by Rabbi Schneur Nejar


Teamwork! Navigating the Dynamic of Binyan Adei Ad in your Bais Chabad!

The husband and wife tag team. Perfecting the partnership. Insights into working together with your spouse. Balancing your Shlichus and your Shalom Bayis.

Raising Chassidishe Children

Wisdom throughout the decades. Hear from Shluchos spanning all age ranges on their advice and experiences raising Chassidishe children. From Shluchos with grown children, to Shluchos with little children of their own, glean some insights from every step along the way. Focused on younger children, this workshop will give you a glimpse into what Shluchos have found to be the most important values to impart and the best tools to impart them with.

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